Youth movement coming to IBEW Local 64 administration

A new era is about to begin within IBEW Local 64.

Vice president Cody Hilliard will become president and membership development coordinator, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Hilliard was appointed to the position, which is being vacated by Scott Satterlee, who is preparing to take over as business manager after Jim Burgham’s retirement following an appointment.

Taking to the responsibilities with relative ease, Hilliard “has always been actively involved with Local 64,” Satterlee said.

Scott Satterlee, right, has been preparing Cody Hilliard for his upcoming new role as president and membership development coordinator with IBEW Local 64 in Youngstown.

“He has a great work ethic and I look forward to working with him. He’ll be an asset.”

New responsibilities

As president, Hilliard will sit on the apprenticeship committee, which he said he’s looking forward to.

Other duties will include seeking non-union industry workers and bring them into membership, as well as focusing on encouraging and working with people to apply for the apprenticeship program.

The transition will be new for Local 64, Burgham said.

“Because of the age difference of Scott and Cody, there will be some change, but it will be positive,” he said.

Their age will be an advantage as they relate to high school students and young adults trying to figure out their career path.

“They’ll know how to communicate with the younger generations as the older generation starts to retire,” Burgham said.

Chasing goals

The decision to go into the electrical industry was a no-brainer for Hilliard. He likes working on intricate detailing, and he has relatives in the trade.

“As far as I’m concerned, the IBEW was the only way to go,” he said.

Once he started his apprenticeship, Hilliard knew he wanted to be involved within the local union in a meaningful way.

In his upcoming role, Hilliard wants to share his excitement with people, showing the career path being an electrician has afforded him.

Once the opportunity arose to work with membership, he jumped at it. The work is beyond rewarding, he said.

“It’s a dream come true to work in this position for the members. I’m proud of it,” Hilliard said.

Work that makes an impression

His career to-date has allowed him to work in the field, having a direct impact on the Mahoning Valley.

The biggest project he’s worked on was the Hollywood Gaming facility at Mahoning Valley Race Course in Austintown.

It’s building gas stations that he enjoyed most, though, as an inside wireman.

“There’s so many aspects in what goes into a gas station,” Hilliard said.

In his upcoming role, Hilliard wants to share his excitement with people, showing the career path being an electrician has afforded him.

“It’s a great career that opens a lot of doors to opportunities, whether it be intellectually or financially,” he said.

Hilliard also wants to work to dispel the sometimes negative perception of the trades.

“We are professionals in an industry,” he said. “We have training. We are proud of what we do.”

Deer, motorcycles and baby smiles

When he’s not at work, Hilliard is an avid hunter and vintage BMW motorcycle enthusiast. He and wife Lindsay have four.

Keeping Hilliard and Lindsay busy is daughter Brielle, who will be 1 in January.

Cody Hilliard with his family.

Cody Hilliard and wife Lindsay are kept busy with daughter Brielle, who will turn 1 in January.

“She’s my little girl.”

She looks and acts like her father, Hilliard said, adding “but she’s much cuter.”

“Melts my heart every time she smiles at me. She’s the greatest thing to ever happen.”