jordan palumbo and family

CR Electric’s Palumbo finds her career path to be empowering

Jordan Palumbo loves what she does for a living.

A member of IBEW Local 64 in Youngstown, Palumbo enjoys every aspect of being a union electrician.

“I love the people I work with. I’ve made some good friends,” she said. “I love working with my hands, to learn new things.”

jordan palumbo and family

Becoming an electrician has afforded Jordan Palumbo (far right) a steady schedule, which in turn allows her to be a hands-on mom to son Bodhi, 4, and daughter Ella, who is almost 2. Fiancé John is also a tradesman, working in construction.

Meeting new customers, and their pets, is a bright spot for Palumbo, as well as being able to help out friends and family with their electrical questions.

Having a career she enjoys is the biggest achievement awarded to Palumbo through the trade, she said.

Another positive aspect is the connection she has with young girls, by talking with them about doing “a man’s job.”

“It’s pretty empowering,” she said.

That sentiment carries when Palumbo goes to a customer’s house and she is greeted at the door. Sometimes there is surprise from the customer who is expecting “a 6-foot man and I’m a tiny” woman, she said.

It was several years ago when Palumbo was attending college for a radiology program that her father suggested she join an apprenticeship.

She applied, interviewed with Local 64 and the rest is history.

On the job at CR Electric

Palumbo is a residential electrician for CR Electric, a Girard-based electrical contractor and member of NECA-IBEW Electricians.

“I love the people I work with,” she said. “They’re all awesome.”

electrical panel boxes

Not too long ago, Jordan Palumbo was in college for a radiology program. After seeing an ad about becoming an electrician, she followed up and started an apprenticeship. She enjoys intricate projects like the panel seen here.

Having the foundation of a residential journeyman’s card, Palumbo has the opportunity to continue her career path and eventually pursue commercial/industrial certification. For now, she enjoys the work-life balance her position allows.

light fixture in a home that Jordan installed

Pictured is the interior of a home in Jordan Palumbo of CR Electric and Local 64 has been working on.

Her predictable, steady work schedule has granted Palumbo the time to be a hands-on mom to son Bodhi, 4, and daughter Ella, who is almost 2.

“We’ll go for a walk, pick flowers, set up the bounce castle at home,” she said. “I live for my kids.”

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Fiancé John is also a tradesman, working in construction.

“Our kids will learn to go into the trades,” Palumbo said, laughing. “It’s not as expensive” as college, which can leave someone thousands of dollars in debt.

Students or individuals looking for a career change should consider the building trades, Palumbo said.

“If anybody is thinking it, I’d say go check out your local union,” Palumbo said.

It’s fast to apply online, and the process to interview is “super easy.”